Would You Like to Create Your Own Healing Story?

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The Healing Stories Project

The idea behind the Healing Stories Project came to me as a way to help other women begin thinking about how they have been influenced over the course of their lives – by their personal circles, by societal and cultural institutions – perhaps in ways they have never considered, so that they may review where they have come from, what has impacted them, and begin to decide how it is they would like to move forward from this point on. It is not an academic course; it is more of a personal journey with guided support. I provide my books, and three podcasts (one for each section – personal history, societal/cultural institutions, and creating your own healing story). There are supplemental readings from other women writers for each section, and exercises to stimulate the creative process. There is also a discussion forum where participants can share their experiences along the way, ask questions, and offer advice and insight. The project culminates with personal feedback and constructive criticism for up to 1000 words of each participant’s healing story.

Women today often live their lives governed by “shoulds” that they have never thought to question. It can be painful to realize that what we have always considered to be absolute truths are nothing more than socially constructed norms—hoops we are taught to jump through. When we begin to question those truths (whether we have internalized them through our own personal and family histories, or through societal and cultural norms), we begin to wake up, a process that can be painful, beautiful, and life affirming.  Join us as we examine and deconstruct those norms, and actively nurture our genuine selves. Through this interactive online program, we will increase our awareness of how social constructions impact our personal expression, and create our own healing stories.

•    Share the wisdom of women through short and intimate stories
•    Explore our own “I am from” stories through interactive activities
•    Examine the cultural influences that have informed our own journeys
•    Discover the wisdom to be found in our own personal narratives
•    Transform unconscious social constructions into conscious personal expression
•    Articulate intentions for full participation in a genuine life

SELF-PACED COURSE: $99 per person*

This unique online course includes the following:

  • Copies of both books, I Am Subject: Sharing Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves, and I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening, mailed to your home ($40 retail value)
  • Three podcasts to guide you: Personal History, Societal and Cultural Influences, and Creating Your Own Healing Story
  • Access to the private Healing Stories Project page, where you will find additional exercises and readings
  • Access to the Healing Stories Project discussion forum, where you can share your comments and feedback with others who have enrolled in the course
  • Personal written feedback from me on your healing story draft

*If you live outside of the US or Canada, the cost is slightly higher to cover additional postage for mailing the books.


Perhaps you are a member of a writing group or book club, and you would like to enroll in the course and complete it together. Doing so provides built-in support and encouragement as you explore what has influenced your life choices. For groups I will also personally facilitate a group session via Skype, phone conference, or in person if the group is local. 

This unique online course includes the following:

  • Everything included in the self-paced online course
  • One 90-minute group session, to be held at the group’s discretion (Skype, phone conference or in person if group is local)
  • I will personally facilitate the group session, which can include completion and/or review of the written exercises, discussion of the podcast and supplemental readings, additional exercises, or any other topic the group would like to address, and can be held after any session the group chooses, as long as my schedule permits. Please provide sufficient notice for scheduling purposes.

*If you live outside of the US or Canada, the cost is slightly higher to cover additional postage for mailing the books.



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Healing Stories Project

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