I Am Subject: Sharing Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves

I Am Subject: Sharing Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves conveys women’s experiences by weaving together memoir, literary texts and criticism, and student reflection. Simply knowing that others have struggled can bring women out of isolated suffering to a deeper sense of awareness and understanding. I Am Subject provides a safe space for women to increase their awareness regarding where they have come from and where they are going as they move forward into the next stages of their lives. I hope that those who read these words will sit with them, give thought to how they might apply to their own lives and the lives of women they know, and begin their own conversations regarding how to best turn increased awareness into action.


What Readers Are Saying About I Am Subject

DeBella’s book accomplishes what must be accomplished—telling our stories as women to the next generation so that women can walk more confidently toward their goals. ~ Jennifer Lee, feminist filmmaker, Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation

This book needed to be written. Women are so often not educated about other women’s lives. We feel we’re alone, and so we don’t reach out to each other because we’ve somehow learned that other women are our competition. DeBella tells us, through her collective memoir, that sharing our stories is a way to heal ourselves and each other. ~ Tara Walker, faculty, University of Colorado

This book is inspirational, thought-provoking, and unapologetically honest. It is written with so much heart and thought and I simply could not put it down. At times I was in stitches with laughter, at other times brought to tears, and other times simply nodding my head in complete understanding with what was writing–as if someone were putting on paper experiences that I have not yet managed to boil down into words. Diane not only puts these raw and intricate human experiences onto paper, but does so in a beautiful way that made me realize that as humans we can actually feel more connected than ever by the experiences that make us feel more alone and isolated. ~ Amazon Review

An astonishing memoir, with extraordinary disclosure, candor, poise, intelligence and vision. DeBella surfaces patterns and lessons from the lives of famous women writers, her own life and that of young college women she teaches. She is determined that we learn from the past to not repeat the pervasive, subtle and egregious violations and abandonment, of young girls before they have formed their whole selves, and of women, before and after they have surrendered their selves willingly or under pressure, to focus on others. ~ Amazon Review

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I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening

Telling my story in the collective memoir I Am Subject: Sharing Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves was the bravest action I have ever taken. I never would have found the strength if it had not been for all the women who came before me—the women who found the courage to share their own truths—the women whose life lessons helped me come to understand and appreciate my own.

As other women read my truths, and began to reflect upon their own life experiences, they wanted to share them—to pay it forward—to add their voices and offer their life lessons to others. As a result, the I Am Subject project was born.

I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening includes powerful stories of women claiming or reclaiming themselves as subject of their own lives. This anthology clearly illustrates that each of our unique stories contains common threads that when woven together create a beautiful tapestry that is woman’s experience.


What People Are Saying about I Am Subject Stories

This anthology is deeply personal, intimate, and profound both for the stories these women share so openly, and also for the requisite courage to do so. Several of the pieces spoke directly to my heart, causing painful yet necessary self-reflection, and also offered wisdom, encouragement, and strength for finding out what the result of those reflections might be. The women in this collection of stories boldly share narratives of their personal tragedies, triumphs, and all the small details in between that contribute to a life full of meaning. The stories range from confessions of heart-breaking, vulnerable lows as the impetus for personal breakthroughs to the soaring highs of joy, happiness, and satisfaction that accompany claims of agency. This is a phenomenal read.~ Natalie Ziemba


Diane Debella delivers once again with a touching and noteworthy book. This time she has collected the stories and journeys of 34 women from around the world. I feel fortunate to have their wisdom and experience in my hands as I read this book a second time through. Sharing our stories and individuals and as women has been an important tradition throughout the world. In "I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening: Discovering Personal Truths" I've been gently reminded that I am the subject of my life, that my voice matters, that I am not the Incredible Shrinking Woman, and that I'm one of many marvelously resilient people navigating life.  ~Ash