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I enjoy supporting women who wish to tell their stories. I can offer expert guidance throughout the process, from brainstorming and generating ideas through creating the final narrative. I have also received training in storytelling through new media, and can help you create your own digital story.

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Would You Like to Learn More About Yourself Through the Lives and Writings of Women?

Writing Women’s Lives Course

COPENHAGEN“When I signed up for this class, I never expected to find myself. Many of these authors not only taught me about the strengths and weaknesses of women, they also brought awareness to myself. Identifying with these women has helped me to uncover the mystery behind my relationship with my father, and the strength in my mother. Most importantly, they have inspired me to become an even better, stronger, more independent woman than I was before.”

I am excited to offer Writing Women’s Lives for the first time online through I Am Subject! I have been teaching this transformative course at the University of Colorado since 2008, and am now offering it here in its entirety (the only thing missing is the requirement to write the academic essays!). You will hear women’s voices, and examine how women’s life experiences—their personal truths—have led to greater societal change. In this course you will be exposed to history, literature, psychology, and feminist theory as you analyze the lives and writings of creative women who have examined themselves as subject since the eighteenth century, including Mary Wollstonecraft, Kate Chopin, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Adrienne Rich, Maya Angelou, Isabel Allende, Amy Tan, and others. You will see how their life experiences shaped their written words, and you will examine the impact their messages had on the society in which these women lived.

Most importantly, this course will offer you a greater understanding of yourself. As you learn more about these women’s lives and read their truths, you will be encouraged to apply those truths to your own life and the lives of women you know. My hope is that my life lessons and the lessons I’ve learned from the women who came before me can provide you with a better understanding of where you have come from. That increased awareness can provide a solid foundation from which you can face the future confidently with your eyes wide open.

Writing Women’s Lives special introductory offer of $199* (and $149 for the first SIX people who invest and register!) includes the following:

  • A copy of I Am Subject: Sharing Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves, mailed to your home ($20 retail value plus postage)
  • Access to the complete course curriculum
  • Audio lectures covering each woman’s life, together with written lecture transcripts
  • Select readings from each author, along with additional supportive readings
  • Discussion questions and access to the course forum, where you can interact with me and with others who are also enrolled in the course

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“What I have taken away from this class is the inspiration to talk to my friends and my mom and my sister about what it means to be a mother and have a career, the ridiculous things we do to attract men, and how there are so many reasons to care about feminism and be conscious of issues that deal with equality. The lessons and messages you and the women authors taught me will forever impact the way I interact with the world. I can’t get over where this class has taken me. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.”

Would You Like to Create Your Own Healing Story?

The Healing Stories Project

wild flowersThe idea behind the Healing Stories Project came to me as a way to help other women begin thinking about how they have been influenced over the course of their lives – by their personal circles, by societal and cultural institutions – perhaps in ways they have never considered, so that they may review where they have come from, what has impacted them, and begin to decide how it is they would like to move forward from this point on. It is not an academic course; it is more of a personal journey with guided support. I provide my books, and three podcasts (one for each section – personal history, societal/cultural institutions, and creating your own healing story). There are supplemental readings from other women writers for each section, and exercises to stimulate the creative process. There is also a discussion forum where participants can share their experiences along the way, ask questions, and offer advice and insight. The project culminates with personal feedback and constructive criticism for up to 1000 words of each participant’s healing story.

I am now offering an individual self-paced version of the program and a group workshop version of the program.

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 Personally Facilitated Book Clubs

If your book club is interested in reading and discussing either of my books, I would love to offer you the following:

  • Discounted pricing on multiple copies for book clubs
  • In-person book club guided discussion
  • Virtual book club visits via Skype/Facetime, with guided discussion

To arrange a personally facilitated book club offering, click here to contact me!