Discover Your Healing Story Launches on the Daily OM!

Discover Your Healing Story Launches on the Daily OM!

I am excited to be partnering with the Daily OM–an online community that nurtures mind, body and spirit by offering daily inspiration, on-line courses, discussions, music, and more–to offer my newly developed on-line writing course Discover Your Healing Story

Women today often live their lives governed by “shoulds” that they have never thought to question. It can be painful to realize that what we have always considered to be absolute truths are nothing more than socially constructed norms–hoops we are taught to jump through. When we begin to question those truths–whether we have internalized them through our own personal and family histories, or through societal and cultural norms–we begin to wake up, a process that can be painful, beautiful, and life affirming. 

This class was developed as a way to help women begin thinking about how they have been influenced over the course of their lives–by their personal circles, by societal and cultural institutions–perhaps in ways they have never considered, so that they may review where they have come from and what has impacted them along the way, and begin to decide how it is they would like to move forward from this point on.

When we claim ourselves as subjects of our own lives, we become empowered and also provide strong role models for other women and girls. In healing ourselves we help others–a beautiful way for women to create nurturing, supportive communities.

This course provides a safe space and place for women to examine and deconstruct societal and cultural norms, and actively nurture their genuine selves while they create their own healing stories. There are four lessons, one delivered each week, that include written instructions, writing and reflection exercises (written and audio), and additional readings (audio). Participants also have access to a discussion forum where they can interact with me and with others enrolled in the course, and I will provide you with personal feedback on your healing story!

I hope you will explore all that the Daily OM has to offer, and that you will decide to Discover Your Healing Story!

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