IAmSubject_BuyOnAmazon_25nov2013In her groundbreaking book, I Am Subject: Sharing Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves, Diane DeBella tells her own story of escaping the objectification of women into truly claiming agency and authenticity by exploring the work of noted women authors, recounting her efforts to teach their works in a university setting, reflecting on her own life, and commenting on her students’ reactions and growth. Using authors ranging from the eighteenth century British writer Mary Wollestonecraft to modern day writers like Pam Houston, DeBella examines their lives and the issues they raise in their texts (ranging from relationships to mothering – or not – to family to career), then compares their struggles with her own in becoming “her own woman.” In turn, she challenges her students to consider what it takes to become “subjects” rather than objects in the 21st century. This empowering hybrid book is a must read for any woman of any age wishing to undergo her own self-actualization in every area of her life. I highly recommend it. ~ Amazon Review

… for any male who thinks they understand “women’s issues”. The interweaving of personal tragedy and triumph with the writings of well known women as well as the next generation gives a perspective that is unique. There are things I discovered about my own thoughts of gender bias that I never knew of and consequently never considered. Read this and you will find yourself in there somewhere….male or female. ~ Amazon Review

DeBella’s book is a powerful reminder for us to take the blinders off and reexamine our own lives. The book flawlessly weaves together DeBella’s own stories with those of women writers of the past and DeBella’s students, giving a comprehensive picture of women’s experiences through time. By providing intimate vignettes she invites us to examine her life as she has done while also challenging us to do the same in our own lives. She reminds us to metaphorically write the stories of our own lives, and provides us the opportunity to learn from those who have come before us so real systematic change can begin. ~ Amazon Review

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